➡Hello hello hello beautiful people! This is my way of saying thank you for all your love and support. -the gabber

➡Rules to Enter:
1. Subscribe to my channel
2. Follow a social media site (OPTIONAL)
3. Comment your favorite song/artist

4.***Special blog bonus*** If you’d like you have the option of reblogging this post over following me on a social networking site. So to enter, subscribe, reblog, favorite song and in the comments (on YOUTUBE) just add “blog” and you’ll be entered in the giveaway twice.***

➡Giveaway will close 04/09/2016

Neither Youtube nor Colourpop have any affiliation with this giveaway. These products will be purchased with my own money

Any questions?


11 thoughts on “1k Subbies Colourpop Giveaway!!!

  1. Subed to youtube and blog. Commented on youtube and blog, liked both as well. Oh and followed on twitter as well. Do I get brownie points now? :’D
    Loving the giveaway, girl! Fingers crossed.xx


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